Frequently Asked Questions
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– Make sure your Tenda WiFi router is switched ON
– Go on to your laptop or phone and look for a WiFi
– hotspot with a name starting with Tenda- or mavonitel-1046
– Connect to that hotspot
– Open your browser and type this address
– Tenda Routers: (for Cudy routers:
– A login page will come up
– Enter username (admin) and password (admin)
– Once logged in, navigate to the WAN settings. This may be labeled
as “Internet Setup,” “WAN,” or something similar.
– Go to PPPoE settings and enter PPPoE username/password
– mavonitel-1046 / test1046
– Save the changes and test your connection.

Yes please  contact our support team

Give 30 day cancellation notice send an email to

  • Month to month means you are not in a contract, but you are still liable to pay for your service until you give 30 day cancellation notice.
  • Prepaid means you need to pay in the beginning of each month.

I means your demand is higher than the allocated package , you may consider upgrading your line.

45 Meters but sometimes walls can limit it to 20 Meters , if you are having coverage issues you may consider WIFI range extenders to extend the range 

  • Fiber optic internet is a cabled internet that is installed at a specific location. 
  • Wireless internet uses radio signals to wirelessly transmit data